Functional Environments. Welcoming spaces. Industry Insights.

Each business operates within the unique landscape of its industry—and all the space considerations, technological needs, administrative challenges, and regulations that come with it. At Lewis Stevenson, we embrace the specific needs of each industry we serve. Our chief priority is to understand the nuances our clients face as we help them create their perfect environment for success.


Create a home for your business that defines your workplace culture and enhances your team’s productivity, creativity, and focus.


Each environment in the educational setting plays a part in enabling and motivating students to learn. Design dynamic classrooms, libraries, common areas, offices, and labs that are fully outfitted with the latest technology.


The healthcare environment has to cater to the needs of physicians and caregivers as equally as those of patients. Produce spaces that are optimized for comfort, efficiency, technological integration, and superior care.


With more than 40 years of dedicated service to government clients under the Lewis Alan name, our team is well versed in the nuances of outfitting federal workplaces. Finish your project on time, on budget, and with maximum flexibility with our full-service solutions.


Create a work environment that will equip your business for success. Design-forward office solutions provide space to collaborate and focus while putting the most advanced technological capabilities at your team’s fingertips.


Big things are on your horizon. Create a flexible, scalable workplace that can meet your company’s current needs and budget while preparing for future growth and evolution.


The hospitality industry is built on spaces that welcome and delight. Our talented design team can bring to life the perfect environment to suit your brand’s personality while enabling your staff to provide exceptional, seamless service.